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Our History

Sacajawea Elementary was originally built in 1977, serving the Salmon Creek/Felida area.

The school is rich with activities that bring together students, parents, and staff. Many of the projects center on improving the school through student-led environmental projects and conservation. Sacajawea also offers a unique opportunity for fifth-grade students to participate in the school’s own TV productions. Skyhawk News involves students both in front of and behind the cameras for a live daily news broadcast.

Other historic moments:

September 2005 — Sacajawea is one of three schools remodeled and enlarged.

Fall 2009 — Sacajawea is named a Washington Green School.

May 2010 — Sacajawea is the first school in the state of Washington to achieve Level 2 in the Washington Green School program.

April 2013 – Sacajawea is named a U.S. Department Green Ribbon School. The award recognizes our efforts to reduce environmental impacts and utility costs.